Rentals – Movies, Staging, and more

Archer’s Antiques has been dealing with the film and stage industry for over 20 years.

Some films include Unforgiven, Assignation of Jesse James, Klondike, Legends of the Fall, September Dawn, Texas Rangers, Stingray, Dr. Who, Lonesome Dove, Ford Commercial, The Jack Bull, One More Mountain, Wild America and supported local theatres like the Pump House in Calgary. We cater to films that have that North American period wonder.


We have a host of furniture for your window display or real estate project.

Rentals can be arranged by day, week or month. Contact us for pricing.


An appraisal is an informed opinion of value based on knowledge and experience.  Steve Archer has been dealing with North American furnishings for over 30 years between his grandfather who began in the antique business in 1959 and has massed a Library on early North American furnishings.

Appraisals will be based on one of two ways:

  • Replacement costs (insurance)
  • Market Value (Auction or dealer purchase)

Appraisals can range from a verbal value to a full written description & value, both based on a hourly rate.